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Ban’s Government and Ban’s Court


When the Vrbas Banovina was established in 1929 and its first Ban Tisa Milosavljevic assigned, there was a need to erect representative edifices for the Ban’s Government and the Ban’s Court. The construction works began in March 1931 and the inauguration took place on November 8. 1932.

The twin palaces were built in neo-classical style with the influences of the Serbian-Byzantine architecture. Presently, these facilities house the City Hall, the RS President’s Office, the Cultural Center Banski Dvor and the seat of the RS National Television. All these institutions helped to retain the initial purpose of the most sumptuous buildings in Banja Luka.

Many cultural events and scientific discussions take place in the Cultural Center Banski Dvor that still preserves the most lavishly decorated interiors in the city. This palace represents simultaneously the most significant meeting point in the cultural life of the local people.